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Farris, Hansen & Associates presents a unique fusion of knowledge, vision, and skill that covers a broad spectrum of architect master planning, design, and construction management services. We specialize in commercial architecture in Elkhorn, WI and we have a dedicated team of skilled and experienced architects working with us who combine the wisdom and clarity of experience with vigour and youthful creativity. Our aim is to create ideas that are innovative yet economical, and practical yet exciting. What’s more, we believe in forming long-standing relationships and have made many connections over the years. If you are a homeowner or a builder – residential and commercial based anywhere in the city, you can feel free to call us.

Services Offered

Our architecture company offers the following services.

Commercial and industrial building design

Commercial and Industrial Building Design

(all sizes and types)

Steel Structures

Multi-Family Residential Design

(apartments and condominiums)


Here’s Why Need Commercial Architecture

Did you know that a significant component of the built environment is made up of commercial properties? Therefore, it is imperative that the ensign and architecture of such spaces should be carried out by industry experts.

Commercial architecture can play a major role in the following areas:

  • Creating the right first impression.
  • Enhancing productivity and functionality.
  • Supporting branding and marketing efforts.
  • Enriching the customer experience.
  • Promoting sustainability.

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At Farris, Hansen & Associates, we offer a broad range of engineering services to our clients across Southeast Wisconsin.

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